Hey, thanks for stopping by. I’m Jahuty, but you can call me Jason.

I’ve been playing video games since I was about 5 years old. I started with playing on the Atari 2600, then Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and then Playstation, PS2, and now PS3. Oh and I also play PC games; my interests in games has brought me to learn much about computers and how to build them. To me, video games are the ultimate source of entertainment. A combination of visual and aural art paired with hands-on interaction brings the most immersive experiences that I have ever encountered. Am I an escapist? Maybe. Do I think of video games as an art form? Definitely.

I love to talk and write about games almost as much as I love playing them, so in order to save my friend’s time and sanity from talking their ear off about the next big title I’ve decided to just talk about it here. I’m always excited to hear about upcoming games and new innovative ways to play. I made this site to talk about games I’m mainly interested in or whatever is on my plate at the moment. I might not get around to every game worthy of discussion, but if you mention it to me I will always be willing to check it out.

DisclaimerI recently made an addition to this blog that features video game characters in the header area. Although it took me a lot of effort to edit them, all of the artwork featured there does not belong to me and are copyrighted to their respective owners. Please let me know if you feel that any of the art being used does not belong here.

If you want, you can contact me in several ways:

My E-mail: Jahuty [at] gmail [dot] com

Tweet me: @Jahuty

Also on Steam: Jahuty


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